Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarti is in headlines these days for his second marriage. The actor has surprised everyone by remarrying at the age of 60. The actor is married to Rupali Baruah. Different types of reactions are coming from people regarding this. Ashish’s ex-wife Roshni has also reacted to this. Now Ashish Vidyarthi himself has disclosed his second marriage and has also told why he ended the relationship with his first wife.

The actor said- Hi, we all have different lives and different needs. We all have different opportunities and different backgrounds that we play with. But one thing is common. We all want happiness. Peelu also came into my life about 22 years ago. We developed a very good friendship and walked together as husband and wife. This beautiful meaning was born. He grew up. He went to college and is working now.

Wanted to do this since last 2-3 years

But in this journey of 20-22 years we have seen a difference in the future of our relationship from last 2-3 years. The difference is in the way we want to live. In the meantime we tried to see if we could bridge the gap. But even if they do, one will overpower the other. We may have married to show others, but both of us will be sad inside. Even if we stay in this relationship it will not go ahead because we started this relationship happily 22 years ago.

stand out like a nice person

We have many such examples where people live happily together and have relationships. But we both thought that we do not want to live like this. So we decided not to live together for the sake of future happiness. We will both go our separate ways like a good man. But we have decided that we will do this work in a very beautiful way keeping in mind the dignity.

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