If there is a chemical locha type feel in the mind on seeing any picture, then understand that you have been brought up with optical illusion or brain teaser.

In such photo puzzles, colors and light patterns are used in such a way that your eyes and mind get cheated. But if your observation skills are good, then nothing can stop you from solving such puzzles in a jiffy. However, the number of such people is very less.

Today we have brought such an interesting brain teaser test for you, about which it is being said that only 5 percent of the people of social media have been able to solve it. By the way, it has been made by the famous Hungarian illusion artist Dudas.

That’s why this photo puzzle will not be easy for you. Because, Dudas specializes in creating brain teasers. Solving their designed puzzles is not in everyone’s capability.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

If you think you are a juggler of eyes, then you can watch this challenge. As in the picture above, you must be seeing many poppy flowers. But among these beautiful flowers, a crab is also hidden somewhere.

The illusion artist has set the crab at such a place that even after a million attempts, your eyes will not be able to reach there. Keep in mind that you have only 10 seconds for this optical illusion test.

As Poppy and the Crab are exactly the same colour, you will get confused as to which part of the picture you have checked. So, look at the picture very carefully from right to left and top to bottom. If you can’t find crab, that’s okay. We have also shared the answer key to the puzzle below. Now complete this challenge without cheating.

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